Michaella asked me to show more of my daily doings and goings, so this is what I decided to do yesterday. I was planning to go to the Cluny in any case. I start off with a view of the studio here in the Cite, two works in progress, and my sketch book where most of the thinking has been going into. Yes, I do relax too, with a book, or knitting.

The Cluny is close enough to walk, so here goes… first a view of the street corner with the annex and my favorite coffee shop. Then a view to the opposite side of the main building of the Cite, and another medieval landmark in Paris, the Hotel de Sens (hotel is not our hotel, it is a town house, mostly of nobility, or the Town Hall). Then a nice touristy shot of the Notre Dame from the Pont de la Tournelle (I pass over the Pont Marie, then the Ille St Louis, then the Tournelle) and as you can see, a nice mild, sunny day.

Then, bonne chance as I reach the Boulevard St. Germain, the National Guard on their horses come prancing up to meet me.

This is the Cluny, once the home of the Abbots of Cluny, and built alongside the much more ancient Roman Baths, built around 200 AD. Inside I am lucky once again, because this is the first time the baths have been open while I have been in Paris, and within the spaces is a temporary exhibition of medieval statues and painting from Slovakia. Picture first, of the headless statues presumably from the Notre Dame, that were found near the Opera during building excavations in the 19th cent. They were buried during the French Revolution. This is the Frigidarium side of the Baths.

This is the room where the monks meditated and prayed, these are not chairs, they were made to kneel, with your elbows on the rest. Next the Abbot’s own chapel with his confessional on the right.

Walk back, but I have to buy milk, here at the Francpix, with the carousel turning, and a banner not to forget the market at the Village St Paul around the corner.

Just settled to finish my soup/salad, when I noticed that it was snowing outside – just a soft dusting, but how marvelous for a boertjie to see! BONNE CHANCE!

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